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February 21


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The name (y/n) (l/n) was plastered all around the newspapers with titles such as: Girl Genius! or One of the smartest girls in the country has graduated from college. You sigh at the sight of such newspapers.  
'When am I going to get some privacy' you thought to yourself as you were on your way home from your graduation.  


You were one of the smartest girls around. You had entered college when you were just turning 16 and now you just graduated college when you were close to being 18. It was not easy but you still pull through. After studying to be (profession) you wanted to leave your house and start working. But since you were not 18 yet, you couldn't do so. You just had to wait a couple more months.  

"(Y/n), we are so proud of you. We never knew you could achieve so much in such little time." your mother said.
"We are very proud and I bet all your friends are as well." Your father then added.
You just stared blankly out the window, very mad at all of them. You just graduated from college and not one of them had taken a couple hours of their day to get you a present. You sighed and decided to ignore it.
'Well only three more months until I finally turn 18' you thought to yourself.

~~~~~*Time skip brought to you by Wibbly wobbly timey wimey…stuff*~~~~~~~~

Today was your birthday and no one had even bothered to send you a message or say 'Happy Birthday' to you, not your friends, not even your boyfriend or soon-to- be-ex, Eric. You were just wishing for time to pass by quickly so you could go home, put on your most comfortable clothes and watch some anime.

"See you on Monday, (y/n)." your boss said.
"See you on Monday." you replied with a fake smile.  
"Before I forget, Happy Birthday." she said.
"Thanks, you are actually the first one to even say it to me." you said with a genuine smile this time. You took your stuff and went walking home.
  As you walked home you wondered how you were going to break up with Eric. You and Eric had been together for about a year and half and you were tired of everything about him. When you guys started, you were madly in love with him. But when you entered college, he was still in high school and he became overly protective and jealous. You couldn't go anywhere alone. If you went out with your friends he would send his sister along to keep an eye of you. You were sick of it. As you kept thinking you noticed you were in front of the door to your house.

"I'm home and I'm-"
"SURPRISE!!" Everyone shouted.

    You stared blankly and then reacted by hugging everyone. Everyone was there, even Eric. You smiled and hugged your parents and your friends. Lastly you went to hug Eric and he stole a kiss. Before you knew it you were mad, but you did not show it so the surprise was not ruined. There was a cake and surrounding it were various presents, you were pretty curious about all of them, but you brushed it off so you could enjoy the party.  

  After a couple of hours of music and food it was time to open the presents. You opened each one; they either contained anime plushes, shirt and blouses (even if you are not very fond of them) and other clothes.  Your parents then came into the room and gave a pretty large envelope. You looked at everyone and they were all expecting for you to open it, so you did. Inside was a beautifully hand decorated card and when you opened it, in your favourite uncle's handwriting, was a message.  

Dear (y/n):
    Today you finally turn 18 and your aunt and I are very proud of everything you have done in your life. You are our favourite niece and no one can take that away. We know you always wanted to travel the world. Well now look inside the envelope and you will see your true surprise, enjoy it and we will see you sooner than you think.  
With Lots of Love,
Uncle Steve and Auntie Loydette.

  You teared up a bit and looked up to find both of them standing in front of you. You basically tackled both of them and cried on their shoulders. When you finally calmed down you looked back inside the envelope to find a smaller envelope. When you opened it, it had a single plane ticket. Destination, anywhere; date, anytime.
"Everyone helped buy this single ticket. A round trip and you can go anywhere you want, darling." your aunt said with a big smile.
Suddenly your best friend, (friend's name), glomped you and rubbed her cheek with yours.
"(Y/n), I am soooo sorryy for not sending a message to you!!"  She said with a hint of guilt in her voice.  
"Don't worry, at least you gave me this surprise!" you smiled at her.

~~~~~~~~~~~~* Time skip brought to you by Tony and his burgers *~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  After everyone had left you were making your way to your room, when you noticed Eric at the door. You went up to him, trying to build up the courage to finally break up with him.

"(Y/n), please I beg of you. Don't leave yet. We can leave together and travel together like the couple we are."
You hesitated at his words, you were too afraid to break up with him now. You knew how violent he would get.  
"Of course Eric, I will wait for you." you lied.
"I'm glad, goodnight babe." he said as he gave you a sloppy kiss and left.
  You gagged and rushed to your room. It was time to leave and as soon as possible. You packed a single suitcase with clothes for about a month and everything you needed to travel. Once your parents were asleep you took the keys to your car and left a note saying that you would be gone and left.  

Once you were at the airport making the line to register your suitcase and get your plane ticket, you stood there thinking where to go. You had no idea where you wanted to travel. You had a single ticket and the chance to travel anywhere in the world. Now where to go?

  The lady at the counter smiled tiredly. She must have been tired and it was 2 in the morning.  

"Hello miss, can I see your ticket please?"
You handed her the ticket.
"Okay miss, (l/n). Where would like to go? This is a very rare chance."

You sighed and thought where to go. Finally it came to mind. This was your chance to start over. Get your own house, work and start your life without Eric.

"I want to go to…."
Well this is my first reader insert, hope you guys enjoy it. I had my very own grammar nazi check it up to see if it had any errors and she fixed a couple, if she missed any go to her and scream at her not me XD MusicLova4eva.

As the tittle says, this is the intro to this series. I will begin working on the second parts depending where Reader-chan (you) want to go. At the moment I am working with them. Depending how this goes maybe there might be a part 3.

Here is the list of the second parts I will be working on, if you want a specific character please do notify me and I will begin working.
Intro: Reading 
1. Germany and Prussia:…
2. Italy twins:…
3. Japan
4. Russia:…
5. China
6. America
7. Canada
8. England
9. France
10. Spain
11. Baltic Trio
12. Norway
13. Iceland
15. Romania
16: Greece

Right now those are the only ones that have a plot in my mind and are in progress.
Thanks for reading!!

You do not belong to me
The story and plot does belong to me!
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